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Frequently Asked Questions



What is the aim of the game?

Evil King Boneshaker has returned from exile with his murderous Skull Army. He is trying to gain control of the Wildlands and enslave its inhabitants. You must raise an army of warriors and defeat him before it's too late!


How much does this cost?

World Of Warriors is free to download and play, with the option to spend real money on additional content. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings. Find instructions on how to do so here.


Do in-app purchases help me progress faster?

You will be able to enhance your game experience with optional purchases if you wish to do so. You will be able to enjoy the game without spending real money. Some things may take a little longer, but you'll still be able to raise a unique team of warriors.


Where does 'To Battle' on the world map take me?

This will take you to the Map selection where you'll be able to start battles. Let battle commence!


Where does 'Shop' on the world map take me?

This will take you to the shop where you can purchase powerful artifacts and magical potions to help you progress and become even stronger in battle.


Where does 'Treasure' on the world map take me?

This will take you to the treasure box where you can claim daily rewards and collect gifts and messages from friends. It will also let you send and receive Honor stones to Facebook friends.


Where does 'Records' on the world map take me?

This will take you to the Hall of Records, where you'll be able to view your Warrior Collection, Leaderboards and Inventory.


Where does 'Temple' on the world map take me?

This will take you to the Temple of Epics where new warriors and special rewards can be obtained.


Where does 'Home Camp' on the world map take me?

This takes you to the camp where your warriors can be trained and upgraded.


Where does 'Foundry' on the world map take me?

This will take you to the Foundry area where you'll be able to craft and equip powerful Talismans.


How does attacking work?

There are two types of attack during battles, a standard attack and a "special move" that requires mana points.To attack, tap the sword icon, then tap again to stop it at the red line. The closer you stop at the red line, the more powerful your attack will be. You can see how much damage you'll do each turn by checking the information on your Warrior Information Card.


What are Special Moves?

Each warrior has a different special ability, this is shown by a special icon during battle, displayed at the bottom of the screen. Warriors use mana to power their special moves.


How do I level up my warrior?

When your warrior has gained enough XP, the XP bar will say 'train me'. You can then take your warrior to Kirk's Camp to train them up. Training your warrior is the key to keeping your whole team in top shape, and it will also make your warrior stronger in battle.


What is the Arena?

The Arena is our brand new PvP model which unlocks towards the end of Map 3. This is your chance to rank up, win prizes, earn exclusive warriors and build up a loyal fan base.


How do Stars work inside the Arena?

Stars are earned by winning battles, beating tougher opponents and those with a higher experience level can earn more Stars. You'll be able to reap the rewards of your Arena success by building your stadium to house your fans.

Rank up in The Arena by earning stars every PvP Season. Your rank and stars will reset each PvP Season. Your all time accumulative Stars will also be accounted for, these contribute to long term stadium unlocks. The more stars you earn, the more EPIC new things you'll unlock for your stadium!


What is the Javelin inside the Arena?

Appeasing your audience will allow you to unlock the Javelin special move by chaining together consecutive PERFECT strikes. If you finish your opponent with the Javelin you'll also earn bonus Stars!


How do I DEFEND inside the Arena?

You'll want to set up your best warriors to represent you when you are challenged in the Arena. Just tap the 'Defend' button on the Arena menu to create a team of warriors. Don't forget to use Talismans on your defending team, these will not count when you are defending, so you'll be able to use them to your full advantage. Just be aware Talisman will still expire if you use them in any other fights.


How do I ATTACK inside the Arena?

Once The Arena unlocks, just hit the attack button. You'll be matched with other players based on various factors. The more challenging the opponent, the more stars will be on offer. If you’re not happy with your selected match up, you'll be able to use scrolls to dismiss the current Arena opponent and find another.

Warriors who do battle in the Arena will be inaccessible for a period of time after the battle ends, as they'll become tired. You can use scrolls to bring them back into action faster if you do not wish to wait for them to revive. It's also good to keep in mind that a larger warrior collection will allow you to fight in the Arena more often!


How do I get more warriors for my collection?

You'll be able to collect more warriors by visiting the Temple of Epics. The central door will guarantee rarer warriors, while the Honor Door will summon magical items and warriors! You may also receive a Battle Twin and some additional EPIC loot.


What is the Temple of Epics?

The Temple of Epics is a portal to many worlds, including our own. History’s finest warriors and magical items can be summoned from here.


What is the central temple door used for?

Wildstones are the key to opening the central door. The greatest warriors can be found here.


What is the right temple door used for?

Honor Stones are the key to opening the right door. You'll find all sorts of loot here, but you may also receive a warrior if the odds are in your favor!


What is the western temple door used for?

The Western Door is somehow aligned with the ancient calendar and will only open at certain times. No one knows for sure what's to be found there once the stars are right.


What is the Warrior Information Card?

Warriors have several attributes that determine their overall strength and effectiveness. This information is shown on the Warrior Information Card.A Warrior's current level and level cap are displayed in the top left-hand corner, as well as their current XP. Warriors range from 1 to 7 star rating. The more stars a Warrior has on their card, the rarer and harder they are to summon or upgrade.


What do the other stats on the Warrior Information Card mean?

Warriors have 4 statistics on the left hand side that serve them well during battle:

Physical Damage: The physical damage dealt as part of the Warrior's total Attack.

Elemental Damage: The elemental damage dealt as part of the Warrior's total Attack.

Health: How many hit points this Warrior has.

Armor: How much physical damage is soaked up by this Warrior.


What does the Leader Skill on the Warrior Information Card mean?

All warriors have unique skills that can boost your entire team if they are placed in the leader slot before battle. Not all Leader Skills are equal, and some warriors have far superior skills than others.


What do the Talismans on the Warrior Information Card mean?

Warriors can equip up to 3 Talismans depending on their star rating. New Talisman slots are unlocked when a 2, 4 or 6 star rating is achieved.


What do the Skills on Warrior Information Card mean?

Some Warrior Skills are passive skills that activate when a Warrior is taking an action in combat. More Warrior skills are unlocked at 3, 5 and 7 star ratings. For certain warriors, some skills actually occur when the enemy takes an action, or in some cases when no one is taking action at all.


What are sets of warriors?

Warriors are grouped by warrior type in sets of four. For example, 'Rebels' and 'Warrior Monks'. You'll be able to see all of the warriors inside the Warriors Book, which is found in Records.


What do the elements mean?

When a warrior passes through the temple they are assigned an elemental alignment. Your Warrior's element is displayed in the top right corner, this determines how strong or weak they are against warriors of other elements.


Which elements are strongest against others?

You'll be able to learn more about elemental strengths and weaknesses from Kalaban the Wise as you progress on your journey

Earth is strong against air

Water is strong against fire

Air is strong against water

Fire is strong against earth


What is loot?

Some battles will reward you with items such as Gold, Materials or even Wildstones after you win. Look out for different kinds of forgotten chests scattered across the maps.


What are levels?

All warriors start at level one and can be leveled up at the Home Camp through training. You'll see their current level and maximum level on the shield icon at the top right.


What are Talismans?

Talismans are powerful charms left over from from forgotten times. Warriors can equip up to three Talismans, depending on how many times they have been leveled up.


What does equipping Talismans do?

Equipping a Talisman unlocks a warrior's true potential and makes them even stronger in battle. The text underneath the talisman will explain what each one does.


How do I obtain Talismans?

Talismans can be acquired in multiple ways:

Found in Loot Chests during a Battle.

Won at the Temple of Epics

Crafted through a Talisman Scroll

Purchased at the Shop


What is Gold and how can I get more?

You'll be able to recognize Gold by this icon in the game: Gold

Gold coins are used to craft Talismans, train warriors and enter the Tower of Trials. You'll be able to earn Gold during battle.


What are Wildstones?

You'll be able to recognize Wildstones by this icon in the game:Wildstone

Said to be gifts from the gods, Wildstones are the rarest and most desired currency in the land. There's not much you CAN'T do with a pouch full of Wildstones!


What are Honor Stones?

You'll be able to recognize Honor Stones by this icon in the game:Honor Stone

Honor Stones are the key to opening the Eastern Door.


What is Ham?

You'll be able to recognize Ham/Stamina by this icon in the game:Ham

A warrior never fights on an empty stomach, ham is used by all warriors for stamina which will prepare them for battle. You'll be able to use it to enter quests in the world. Ham is gathered and restocked at the rate of one per ten minutes.


What are Scrolls used for?

You'll be able to recognize Scrolls by this icon in the game:Scroll

Scrolls are used to enter and compete in the Tower of Trials. These will automatically restock.


What is Mana?

You'll be able to recognize Mana by this icon in the game:Mana

Mana is said to be the breath of the Wildlands, warriors can use mana to unleash their special moves during battle.


What are Battle Boosts used for?

These are potions brewed by Bellthrax the Witch and can be used by a warrior during the heat of battle. The red potion guarantees you perfect accuracy and up to 150% damage on your next attack. The blue potion lets you use your special move instantly.


What are Materials?

Materials can be used to craft Talismans (from Talisman Scrolls) and upgrade warriors. Materials are found occasionally during a battle. Certain Materials can only be obtained from specific battles or inside the Tower of Trials.


What are Talisman Scrolls?

Talisman Scrolls are used for crafting powerful Talismans that can be equipped to your warrior. Obtain more of these scrolls by finding them in treasure chests, buying them from the shop or winning them from the Temple of Epics.


How do I craft?

Head over to 'Foundry' to craft rare and powerful items or Talismans. Crafting will require certain Materials. You'll be able to collect Materials from battle or by placing high on the battle leagues and global leaderboards.


What is the Tower of Trials?

The most powerful warriors often visit the Tower of Trials to pit their skills against each other. Head over to the Tower of Trials to fight your way, floor after floor, to the very top. Lose one fight and you lose everything, but win and the whole world hears of your victory!


What are Battle Leagues?

The battle leagues are ranked leaderboards against other players who are of similar skill to you.


What is the Portal?

The portal is a mysterious area which you can visit to take part in different daily battles, where each day has its own reward. During a weekday you'll get access to Materials essential for upgrading your warriors later on in the game. During the weekend you'll get XP and Gold which are essential for levelling up.


Can I replay a fight?

You will be able to replay fights once you are past Map 2 Fight 3. You'll also be able to do the other various fights and raids that pop up along the way, which are a great way to level up your team even quicker.


What is a Battle twin?

Battle Twins are lost fragments of a warrior's power and are found in the Temple of Epics. You can drag their spirit onto another Warrior to transfer their XP. You’ll also receive Skill Boost Potions to boost your team in a way that no other players are able to.


What are Skill Boosts?

Skill Boosts will be given to you when you summon a Battle Twin from the Temple of Epics. You can use Skill Boosts to increase the effectiveness of any Warriors Skill.


How do I upgrade my Warrior?

When you've reached the current level cap, you'll be able to take the warrior to the upgrade door to upgrade it to an even more powerful state. You'll need the required Materials and enough currency before upgrading is possible, but the rewards are of EPIC proportions.


How do I earn my daily reward?

Daily prizes vary from coins to wildstones, depending on your login streak. You will be able to receive the next daily prize once a full 24 hours has passed since your last reward was issued. Even if you miss a day, the game will remember the streak you're on :)



How can I download the game?

The game has currently only been released to a small number of people across a small number of devices at the moment. If you have a compatible device, you’ll be able to download World Of Warriors by searching for "World Of Warriors” or "Mind Candy Ltd.” in the App Store or Google Play Store from your device.


Which Apple devices are currently supported?

World Of Warriors will be coming to Apple devices soon, stay posted for more information!


Which Android devices are currently supported?

For Android users, any device supporting OS 2.2 onwards will have the best experience.


Why can’t I download the game yet?

World Of Warriors is still in beta testing at the moment, so the game has only been released to a small number of players across certain devices. We are working hard to make sure we have the best game possible before releasing it to the world.Stay posted to our Official Forum, Twitter and Facebook pages for all news and announcements!


If I reinstall the application will I lose my progress?

Your game save data is stored both locally and on the server. If you reinstall the application your local game save will be deleted from the device. However, if you’re connected via Facebook then your server progress will still be available when you reinstall the game.


The game items I just bought are missing!

Please close all open applications and restart your device. Your items should now appear. If your items are still missing, please get in touch with us so we can fix this for you immediately:


My Wildstones purchased from the App Store / Play Store are missing!

There may have been a connection issue when trying to connect to the store. Please try re-opening the store and you will find your items appear. If not, please check your account balance to confirm if you were charged.If you have been charged, please contact us so we can fix this for you immediately.


My game keeps crashing or freezing.

Make sure you are running the most up to date version of World Of Warriors. We are constantly updating the game, so it is possible you've missed an update. If your game is up to date, please close all open applications and restart your device.


I am online but I am unable to access the social features.

First make sure you have a strong WiFi connection on your device, if you don’t, please try accessing these features on 3G/4G where possible. If you’re still unable to access these features, the servers may be busy, please retry in 10-15 minutes.


Do I have to connect to Facebook to play? If so, what are the benefits?

You do not have to connect to Facebook to play, but a wise warrior once said, everything is better with friends… or something like that.

When connecting to Facebook you’ll unlock exciting features and perks such as earning Honor Stones, competing with your friends on the map and saving your game between multiple devices!


Will you post things to my Facebook wall automatically?

We will never send requests or messages to your friends without your permission. You may receive prompts to share an event on Facebook, for example when defeating a Boss.


How do I connect to Facebook?

When you first launch the game, you’ll be given the option to log into Facebook from the front page. You can also login from the Treasure Box.



Still Stuck?

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